How many can cruise at once?

I can take up to 12 passengers in addition to myself and one crew. In nice weather there is plenty of room to spread out but in shoulder season conditions I feel that the number that can be comfortably seated in the cabin is 8 so I would encourage that limit for inclement weather.

Can children come?

Absolutely but I must ask that there be at least one adult for children under 8. Teens are allowed unaccompanied but they must follow the rules or they will be sold to pirates!

Can I bring a pet?

No. Sorry but the boat is not set up to be pet friendly. If you have a service animal I can make accomodations depending on size and training. Please remember that a boat is a new experience for most pets, that’s why I discourage pets coming abaord.

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes but you must remember that you are on a moving vessel and if you imbibe too much and become annoying, the Captain will confiscate your booze and empty it over the side while you are tied to the mast and forced to watch!

What if the weather is cool?

Not a problem. The Bee has a forced air furnace and cabin heaters for your comfort. Blankets are available to wrap up in while you sit on deck and we can brew some outstanding Northwest style coffee.

Is there a restroom on board?

Yes, but on a boat, it’s called a “head”! Because plumbers don’t make boat calls we need to keep the head functioning. It’s simple really. Nothing goes in the head except the 3 P’s: poop, paper, and pee. Keeping a happy Skipper is that simple 🙂

Can we choose who else comes with us?

On private charters, the booking party is the one responsible for the guest list. You pay the bill and it’s your boat for the day.  On the open cruises, seats are sold per person on a first-come-first-served basis and we will sail as long as 2 or more are sold up to the maximum of 12.

Can I smoke marijuana on the boat?

Marijuana is legal in Washington State but the US Coast Guard has said that they will follow federal law and so I have to ask you to leave your stash ashore. Bummer Dude!

Do you do private half day cruises?

If you want to have control over who is on the boat, book a half day charter for $650. This option is available if no other cruises are booked.

Do you do whale watch?

Yes if whales are nearby but understand that the Bee is an 8 knot (about 10 mph) boat so we can’t chase up to Canada or far out into the straits. If they are nearby, we will visit in a respectful was and follow all state and fedarl guidelines but if seeing the whales is your only priority I can point you to some faster, specialized boats where you will have a better chance. Then you can book a relaxing trip on the Bee and lean back in a comfy deck chair as you finish off that nice bottle of wine you bought and we can talk about the whales you saw 🙂